Building a Fitted Desk

When I’m not at my desk, one of my hobbies is building and restoring furniture so I thought I’d share my work from the past few days. As you may have guessed from the title, I spent the weekend building a fitted desk around the base of an old dresser. After two long days, here’s the result…


I started by removing the top half of the dresser (which was previously about 2 metres tall) leaving just the cupboard with no top. Next, I started work on a frame which would support the desk top and allow the cupboard to be fixed in place. It turns out that this room is not a perfect rectangle so there were a few awkward angles to deal with along the way. Once the frame was ready, I fitted it to the wall with the biggest screws I could find.

The final step was to build the desk top. I used two lengths of spruce for this; one behind the other. After cutting them down to size, I stained them to match the dresser and secured them to the frame with short screws from underneath; leaving a smooth, screw-free surface. After a lot of filling, sanding and staining, the top was ready for several coats of lacquer and then it was done!

The Process in Pictures

Click on the images to enlarge…

Dismantled Dresser
Support Frame
Ready for the Top
Stained vs. Naked
Finished Product
Sanded, Stained and Lacquered