Yeovil Web Design

Your local freelance web designer

My job is to create the ideal website for you or your business and publish it online for the world to see. Get in touch for a free quote or to see what I can do for you.

Why choose freelance?

As a freelancer, when you call or email, you'll always get through to the same person. I work closely with my customers to understand exactly what they need from their website. Working alone means I have fewer costs and I can pass the savings on to you.

Why choose me?

My background in Computer Science means I have the skills and understanding to build a technically sound website. My creative eye and passion for design means I can build a website which will capture attention and deliver information in an effective way.

Only Yeovil?

I've worked with customers in Edinburgh and the USA with no problems at all, so feel free to get in touch no matter where you're based.

What's On Offer?

As a web designer, I constantly increase my skills and keep up with new technologies so that I can handle anything you throw at me.

Creative Design

My approach to web design is to focus on simplicity of use whilst still delivering a strong message. I can work with your existing brand or develop something new. See my web design portfolio.


Drawing is another passion of mine so if you need illustrations for your website, I'll be happy to help. See examples of my portraits, cartoons and illustrations in the illustration portfolio.


I do a lot of work with digital images as they are vital to every website. See examples of my photography, image processing (aka 'photoshopping') and vector graphics in the digital image portfolio.

Free Consultations

Before you commit to anything, I will be happy to chat through your options and provide a free quote for the work. If you already have a website, get in touch and see if I can come up with a plan to improve it.

Responsive Design

Responsive websites adapt to the screen they're being viewed on. I offer responsive designs so that viewers can easily browse your website whether they're using a laptop, tablet or phone etc.

Web Technology

The web is constantly changing with new technologies and techniques. I aim to use modern technologies but always make sure that nobody is left out if they use older devices and web browsers.

What about maintenance?

It's important to keep your website up-to-date with new information

Once your website is ready to be used, I can put it on the web for you and take care of the ongoing maintenance. I'll tailor a plan for your website's needs so that it will be up-to-date and relevant for your audience.